Yao City will challenge Guinness in the Bon Festival dance!Yao Kawachi Ondo Matsuri Festival held in the green area of Kuhoji Temple

At the 2872 Kawachi Ondo, the Ginness Record is updated!CONGRATULATIONS

The 40 Yao Kawachi Ondo Festival September 9, 2017, (Sat)9 Tsuki 10 days (Sun) held in City

The Bon Festival dance will start at the end of the year, and Yao Kawachi Ondo Matsuri Festival will be held every year in Yao City, the sacred site of the Bon Festival dance.We will challenge Guinness Records this year!It is an attraction of the Bon Odori dance which is said to be the first time in the world from the local Yao area to the dance.The 4 generations of Bon Odori are the best festival.The Bon Odori information site that young dancers get is this.Etc



Yao Kawachi Ondo Matsuri Details



Try Ginness World Record in "Kawachi Ondo"!
In case of suspension due to rough weather, 9/10 (Sun)
Set time : 16 : 30 set place : waiting tent set (in track track)
12 : 00 - * first come-first-come-first-arrival



This is the attempt of Yao City to challenge Guinness records.People who are accessible by bicycle can access either Kintetsu Kuhohoji or JR Kyuhoji.There are some points to note.There are human conditions counted in Guinness Records.




Participation and achievement conditions!

・ Wearing traditional clothes * Yukata, Obi, Zori or Geta (beach sandals are not allowed).)
・ Every 5-minute participant dances the same dance.* Challenge with' Yao Jeongsei Kawachi Ondo Odori'.
・ If you are under 16-year-old, you will need to accompany your parents or the responsible



WHAT is THE "Yao Orthodox Kawachi Ondo Dance"?I see.It is outside of the normal condition.In general, there are 3 kinds of hand dance, foot dance, bean or bean curd. Even if it is called "seisu", I don't know honestly but it is probably a hand dance.



It is difficult for young people who are going to have a bit of a hard time to wear a foot dance.If hand dance is allowed, it will be no problem to move hands.The practice is also held in advance, so please participate in the practice for those who want to dance.



Please refer to the website of the Yao Kawachi Ondo Festival for the event details.Link



Yao City residents' nostalgia and regional activity plan after the closing of Seibu Yao StoreInternal Link





Recommended Bon Odori by the author who has 10 years of history

In the park, at the shrine, at the elementary and junior high school, at the mall, on the rooftop of the Minosho Building, at the beach of Shimane Prefecture, at the beach in Shimane Prefecture, at the Tenkawa City Hall, at the Nishinari City Hall, in the city of Rororogi Hills, and at the participating parks in Tokyo.The Bon Festival dance where the author who has participated in the Bon Festival dance everywhere is recommended.I will write about the dance, the atmosphere of the venue, and the memories of local gourmet.It's more than 5 years ago, so it might be over or different.






The citizens of Osaka City must first participate in the Bon Odori Festival in Nakaoe Park.The size of the park, the amount of people, access, of course.THE ROYAL DONAEMON ONDO AND THE dongdongpa (OFFICIAL NAME) AND BAHAMA MAMA ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN DANCE WITH THE ROYAL ONDO AND THE Children.






The beer sold is about 200 yen.Udon is also 200 yen.You don't need to buy or buy alcohol!Even if it's sold out, convenience stores are right away!AFTER THE BON FESTIVAL DANCE, THE 2 MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE RESTAURANT IN THE NEARBY OKONOMIYAKI RESTAURANT.






Shall we go to Joko-ji Temple at Yao City for now?The Bon Festival dances from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for 2 days from p.m. to p.m. are held in the Bon Festival dance of Kawachi Ondo, and from 9 p.m. to p.m., it is a lively song and dances. 11.






The capacity is small, but the core dance fans are the holy places to visit once.You can walk from Kintetsu-Yao.






Please participate in the Bon festival dance in the neighborhood.The Bon Festival dance is held near the local area.You don't have to worry about it even if you're going to use a cassette tape.If you think it's interesting to do it, you can put your hands on the executive committee and make it live next year.It's more interesting to do it.



4 generations of Bon Odori Attractions




The best attraction of the Bon Festival dance is that all generations can enjoy all generations, whether young or young, or older.You can enjoy 4 generations without saying 3 generations.The children are playing with the Bon festival dance.The parent generation is the shop number of the stalls and the grandmother is dancing, and the generation on the top of the street is seating.





In their late 10 s and their 20 s, who are still unmarried and have no children, they have to make a spectacular dance. They also have to buy the atmosphere of the festival and buy the food of the festival.






By the way, in my area, there are dances, stalls, lottery and fireworks.And the Bon Festival dance has become a traditional performing arts of Kawachi Ondo and Estates.Kawachi Ondo and Edo Ondo don't flow completely.They dance with a tine such as a tea picking onion and a cone with a shell and a shell.It's a very strong dance.





Please contact me if you are interested.The  Odori festival in Nara City is held on the 2 Saturday and around August.






Young dancers have received information from the site.



When I was in Osaka, I checked the Bon Festival Bon Festival website and went to the Bon Festival dance at night.Please refer to the people who are attracted to the beauty of Bon Odori at this Yao Kawachi Ondo Festival.The Bon Festival is held in various places after September.



Bon Odori dance festival inOSAKA (also available in Nara city)!Link



The core dance fans are going to play the Bon festival dance which they love.There is a singer of KIKUSUIMARU,SHIGAKUNITENZYUi, and so on, but there is no one who has a performance with Yuichi Ishida.WHO ARE YOU!PA??I can't keep up with the core.






Nevertheless, the attractiveness of the Bon Festival dance is the development of local communities, and the happiness of the local residents is the benefit of the local people.I think the best play and the best play are the best.






By the way, there are people who want to play together with tamboin or kahon, or a pastica, or something like that.If Mr. Hino has a trumpet performance on the turret, please prepare for it!



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